MINI-TOKER Aromatherapy Kit – with Ceramic Domeless Nail


MINI-TOKER Water-pipe with Ceramic Nail for aromatherapy and concentrates.

* So easy to use and keep clean.
* Ceramic Nail is designed for medical/food grade.
* Simple, easy delivery system.

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The MINI-TOKER is made for medical applications. Manufactured in a medical/scientific facility, the MINI-TOKER is a simple, straightforward, medical delivery system. The included domeless ceramic nail is perfect for aromatherapy and concentrates. Ceramic material is approved for medical/food grade use, and provides the best taste of all nails. No metallic after-taste like titanium. A great all-in-one kit.
The iconic MINI-TOKER water pipe.

  • Made from Class A Borosilicate 3.3 glass (Pyrex) – laboratory standard.
  • Modified round, flat-bottom lab flask design.
  • 250ml size – about the size of a baseball
  • Precision engineered to deliver superior smoking performance.*
    (*for tobacco use only)
  • Easy to clean – parts come apart for easy cleaning.
  • Package includes, MINI-TOKER Flask Body, MINI-TOKER Downstem,
    MINI-TOKER 14mm Adapter for your favorite slidesĀ and rigs*, Domeless Ceramic Nail, and a metal poker.
    (*14mm slidesĀ not included)



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