We are proud to re-introduce the TOKER II and MINI-TOKER water pipes,
the original counter-culture glass. Made to scientific lab standards,
they are designed to deliver a 
smooth toke every-time.



Precision Engineered – Superior Performance


We Love the TOKER II, and so will YOU!

Introduced in the early 70’s, the TOKER II and MINI-TOKER water pipes combined laboratory precision, sleek design, and extreme usability to achieve iconic status and become wildly popular among those in the know. We all loved it – and then…..it disappeared – a casualty of the times.

Well, we’re bringing it back!

We’ve added a few things to make this retro legend even better! Included with each purchase is a new 14mm adapter downstem, so you can use all of your 14mm custom slides and rigs* on your new TOKER II and MINI-TOKER.  We’ve also made a carrying case for the MINI-TOKER for easy party hopping. Remember, the party doesn’t start until the TOKER II arrives!

*for tobacco use only

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Was just a "toker" back in the day. Then discovered THE Toker II. What a revelation. This is truly the coup de grace of water pipes. Had mine from 1975 for 30 yrs. Disappointed when it was lost in a house fire. Never could find anything that came close to that baby....

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I call it Mr B

the first toker ll I purchased was in 1981 it was awesome had it for 15 yrs survived 2 drops 3 trips and back to Florida one day put an ice cube in the stem and it CRACKED heartbroken to say the least, searched till June of this year and was reunited to an old friend...

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“I’ve owned a TOKER II since 1975, and I’ll tell you one thing. It’s had a major influence on my life, and made me the man I am today. ”

Bob from Downstairs

59, Single, Unemployed, but - doesn't live with parents!

“I found this odd looking flask on my intern’s desk, behind something called a “Jerry Garcia Bobblehead”. I complimented its superior design, so my intern gave it to me. I like to take a couple of puffs before bedtime, that’s how I came up with that relativity stuff.”


Teacher, Princeton University

“I use all of my different strains of “Parakeet Seed” in TOKER II, always have. Nothing comes close”

Freddy F.



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