I have an original Toker and Toker II as well as a 4-hose Odyssey “Hookah” in my collection and I am trying to buy everything out there from Odyssey.  I saw this version in person, and while it has some significant differences from my original(s), it is clearly a quality product.  I intend to buy one to make sure my vintage items have company!  The original owner/inventor–you can find all this on the US Patent Website–was brilliant in that all his items were engineered to work perfectly for their size, shape, and other variables.  Also, the glass was very thick to prevent it from breaking and the beautiful appliques of flowers and bids were superb.  Unfortunately, I broke MANY of them back in the day…mostly the model BB, which was my favorite.  Glad to see someone bring this back.  By the way, I saw a 6′ tall one on display in a store in Madison, WI, in the ’80s.  I wonder what ever happened to that one???

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