I cannot begin to make you understand how happy seeing just a pic of this water-pipe makes me. What memories. This was our 1st water-pipe back in 1977. It was also out favorite. We lived out in Wickenburg, Az. We were the only ones that had this water-pipe for the longest time. We got it at Michael’s Apple Pie on Central. I cried when it broke. We had to make the 60 mile trip one way to get another one. I kept this water-pipe so clean. It was so pretty. Everyday, M-F, I cleaned it up at 2:00pm & put it in the refrigerator until the hubby got home around 5:30. It was so smooth & you always got such a good high. It was a perfect fit for my hand. Altogether we had 3 Toker II’s. I don’t have one yet but I will. Since I heard the Legend was returning, my fave thing to do is go into the local head shops & ask if they have the Toker II. I have not found one yet, but it sure is fun asking the children behind the counters if they have the Toker 11 & if they know about the Toker II & then I tell them whats so great about the Toker II. Their lives just won’t be complete until they at least try one! Yes, I am your biggest fan. I can’t wait until I can get mine. Limited income sucks! Shat a great time to be alive. My generation has fought the fight for legalization & the best water-pipe ever is back! Thank you so much!

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