Been There Since The Beginning!!!

I just ordered the second Toker ll I’ve owned……the for one I bought was on the hill in Boulder, Co. in 1972 or 73!!! They were brand new and the headshop owner said it would give my bamboo bong a run for its money…and it did!!! I owned my first...

Original stil in use today!

Glad to report my original Toker II is still in use today (circa 1978) … after getting tons of mileage out of it in college, and pre-kids, we broke it out now that our kids are out of the house, and it works as good as it ever does.  The hardest part is finding...

Dishwasher Safe – So easy to clean!

Forget all those mini brushes and special bong cleaners. Rinse the main water chamber with water to get out sny ash or debri. Add a small amount of dishwashing detergent, swirl and then put it in the upper rack of your dishwasher. Take the bowl stem with the stopper...

My dad’s mini toker

I found my father’s mini toker and stole it in the early 2000 smoked it and thought it was kinda small but the coolest one I had seen so far, he found it and took it back I have never seen it again 🙂

YEARS of searching are O-V-E-R

Wow, way too many stories to even tell here… I had at least two of each model. I was a young high school/college student always on the go, and glass things don’t last too long in that setting! I was pleasantly surprised to see Pipefitters on State Street...

My Old Toker II

Great to see the Toker make a comeback! Mine is over 30 yrs old at least and have been using a after market down stem which was too small. Googled Toker II the other day just to see if anything would come up and boom! I was able to order a new down stem and now my...

Toker and Toker 2 1973

Thanks for bringing back this ideal bong. Got my first Toker (1) in 1973. Got the Toker 2 when it came out. Had many over the years. Best bong out there (smooth delivery and super easy to clean – not like today’s bongs).

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