TOKER II Affiliates

You can become a TOKER II Affiliate! Affiliates promote and introduce TOKER II products to family, friends, and followers by using links and banners to direct customers to the TOKER II website. You earn commissions from all sales resulting from your links! Industry bloggers, forum postings, emails, and social media are all great outlets for promotion of this 1970’s icon. People will be happy that you turned them on to this great product!

TOKER II Alliliates:

  • Promote TOKER II products through product links, reviews, and banner ads.
  • Text links and banner ads are provided by TOKER II and custom coded with your unique ID.
  • Earn commissions on sales referred by you.
  • Monthly payout of commissions.
  • TOKER II will offer periodic sales and discounts to affiliates to offer their followers.

Read the terms and conditions of affiliate membership on the registration page.

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